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[News] Boeing and Lockheed moves into rocket reusability with space trucks
Sustainability april 30, 2015

Reusable Flatware Will Keep Mobile Dining Waste-Free

Fold-up Eating Set—for picnics, camping trips, weekend excursions—saves space and waste

Work december 5, 2014

Finally, an Easy-to-Clean Reusable Water Bottle

ALEX may be really ridiculously good-looking, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts

Retail april 28, 2014

Coffee Cup Exchange Program Creates A Waste-Free Sharing Economy

New Yorkers share everything, so why not their coffee cups?

Technology february 1, 2013

Facebook Offers Reusable Gift Card That Holds Balances From Different Retailers

The 'Facebook Card' can be used to give friends gifts from Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target all at once.

Arts & Culture july 25, 2012

McDonald's Introduces Designer-Made Reusable Coffee Cups

Patrick Norguet creates these stylish drinkware for the fast-food giant in France.

Sustainability january 6, 2012

P&G's Notepad Grocery Bag Lets You Make Your List On The Outside

The Tide Smart Bag doubles as a shopping list and has been gaining popularity due to its versatility and eco-friendly emphasis.

Innovation november 16, 2011

Reusable Water Bottle Tracks Its Environmental Impact [Pics]

999bottles is a concept design from Artefact that lets you count what you've saved and then visualize it with a smartphone app.

Technology january 25, 2011

AmazonTote: An Eco-Friendly Delivery Service From Amazon

Customers have a new shipping option that will potentially minimize the excess packaging wasted on products.

Work august 23, 2010

Cleaning Up Battery Design

Soap and wax offer an interesting solution to making batteries more efficient and cost effective.


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