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[Stat] Starbucks app holds more of consumers’ money than most banks
Travel june 13, 2016

Earn Real-World Prizes For Visiting The World

Location-aware app is building prizes into check-in process such as $10,000 dream vacation

Travel october 11, 2013

Confectioner Offers Free Chocolate To Travelers With Bad Airplane Seats

The worse your place, the better your reward with this latest promotion at Copenhagen airport.

Social Employee Payment Platforms – The ‘’ Platform Lets Employees Reward Each Other
Technology may 16, 2013

Musician Subscription Service Lets Fans Fund Specific Projects

Patreon allows fans to pay a certain amount in exchange for perks like first dibs on concert tickets or access to video tutorials.

Retail february 13, 2013

Tesco Shoppers May Soon Get Free Movie And TV Streaming

UK supermarket chain considers offering Clubcard holders its TV service gratis.

Cities november 26, 2012

Instagram For Brands Rewards Users For Snapping Pics Of Merchandise

Kapture is an app that gives users discounts and freebies for sharing pictures of products in-store.

Work november 25, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week, from an ever-present female companion to one that calculates how to get the most money back from your credit cards.

Technology november 15, 2012

App Tells Users Which Credit Card To Use To Get The Best Reward

Glyph for the iPhone calculates how to maximize the return on your credit card benefits.

Arts & Culture october 14, 2012

How Can Brands Empower Loyal Consumers To Sell On Their Behalf? [FUTURE OF RETAIL]

PSFK explores how companies can create loyal brand ambassadors in this illustrated scenario from the 2012 Future of Retail report.

Mobile september 8, 2012

Pharma To Launch Industry’s First Social Game [PSFK London]

John Pugh of Boehringer Ingelheim talks about driving innovation in his large organization with the new game Syrum.

Work april 28, 2012

Can Gaming Salvage The Education System?

PSFK spoke to Nt Etuk, the Founder of DimensionU about his series of educational video games that hope to add to the evolution of learning.

Innovation april 14, 2012

How Gaming Is Helping Us To Build Better Local Communities

Examples of platforms that are leveraging crowdsourcing to connect people in addressing common challenges.

Home february 28, 2012

Gamify House Cleaning With Rewards And Incentives For Kids

HighScore House is a gamification platform for household chores that keeps track of your kid's progress online.


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