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Technology october 1, 2013

Richard Branson Calls Upon Social Media Fans To Find Lost Camera

The Virgin Group founder asked his Twitter followers to try to find filmmaker Chris Jupe's GoPro that was tied to balloons.

Design & Architecture may 3, 2013

Vivienne Westwood Designs Sustainable Flight Attendent Uniforms [Video]

New line for Virgin Atlantic will will be made from plastic bottles with Closed Loop Recycling in mind.

Travel april 30, 2013

Virgin Offers In-Flight Dating Service

Richard Branson gives passengers a new way to break the ice by anonymously buying others a drink in the air.

Arts & Culture december 7, 2012

Richard Branson’s Son Debuts Film On YouTube Rather Than In Cinemas [Video]

The documentary 'Breaking the Taboo' is available to watch for free online.

Retail december 3, 2012

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Apple finally unveils iTunes 11, Facebook hacks its employees, and the top 100 global thinkers...Links to start your day with.

Arts & Culture august 16, 2012

Richard Branson To Guest Edit Free Newspaper [Headlines]

The founder is to edit the October 4th edition of the Metro free newspaper.

Travel august 14, 2012

Dive Deep In Richard Branson’s Underwater Airplane

Guests staying at the Virgin resort can hire the Necker Nymph to explore ocean.

Cities july 30, 2012

Richard Branson Picks His Top London Hot Spots For Travelers

CEO of Virgin reveals his favorite locations in a mobile travel app.

Technology july 13, 2012

Virgin Galactic Launches Commercial Space Flights [Headlines]

The airline is launching a satellite business that includes a mid air launch system.

Advertising june 1, 2012

Virgin Launches A New Line Of Water Purifiers

Richard Branson sees a potential market in the U.K. for filtration systems.

Innovation may 31, 2012

Virgin’s Electric Scooter Concept Is Inspired By Horseback Riding

In response to a future growing need for electricity-powered transportation, designer Mikael Shevelkin has crafted a beautiful scooter concept for the Virgin conglomerate that draws aesthetic inspiration from equestrian sports.

Arts & Culture may 8, 2012

What Would The World Be Like Without Mark Zuckerberg?

In an interesting campaign, Forbes Magazine presents an alternate picture of the world without some of the important billionaires of our time.

Technology april 5, 2012

Google Launches New Moon Race With $20 Million Prize [Headlines]

The search giant has initiated a space competition amongst everyday Joes.

Travel march 1, 2012

Virgin’s Luxury First Class Features Whispering Flight Attendants

The trans-Atlantic airline is launching a new and improved Upper Class Suite, complete with a crew that's easy on the ears.


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