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Retail october 26, 2016

GM And Audi Are Experimenting With Car Rentals In SF

The automakers are trying something new to capture the segment of urban dwellers who don't want to own a car

Travel may 27, 2016

Uber Will Now Let You Track Your Friends And Family In Real Time

See that your loved ones are safely en route in real time with Uber's new feature

[Stat] 33% of the US has never even heard of Uber or Lyft, with usage skewed towards the affluent and tech-involved
Travel may 16, 2016

Ride Sharing Service Wants To Create A Better Public Transit System

Via makes getting around more convenient through an on-demand service

Design & Architecture may 6, 2016

This Car-Free Neighborhood Reimagines How We Think Of Suburbia

A design for a modern urban village promises to be greener and more diverse

Travel april 15, 2016

What Does A 'Female-Only Uber' Mean For The Rideshare Economy?

Chariot for Women is designed to create a safer environment for car-sharing

Work march 30, 2016

In-App Game Lets Uber Find New Recruits

The car-hailing app is embedded with a game of code

BMW creates a car-sharing service in Seattle (TechCrunch)
Automotive march 28, 2016

Facebook Wants You to Carpool to Events

Social media option adds carpool coordination to event pages

Technology february 1, 2016

Ride Service for Kids Lets Someone Else Play Soccer Practice Chauffeur

This service is dedicated to providing safe on-demand car trips for children

IoT january 25, 2016

PSFK Pulse: VR Porn, Sitting Holograms And Other Things You Missed This Weekend

Kickstart your day with face-to-face holograms, car-sharing markets, and the next Industrial Revolution

Sustainability january 6, 2016

GM and Lyft: The Chauffeurs of Community-Minded Cities

A partnership between the two firms will bring self-driving vehicles to the ride-sharing business, what happens to the social dynamics of an urban environment remains to be seen


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