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Mobile february 3, 2013

What You Need To Know From The BlackBerry 10 Launch

Major news including photos of the two new phones and why Alicia Keys was at the launch.

Technology september 28, 2012

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Research shows online advertising is not effective, Angry Birds inventors introduce Bad Piggies game, and Instagram beats out Twitter...Links to start your day with.

Technology july 2, 2012

RIM Announces $518 Million Net Loss [Headlines]

The company has cut 5,000 jobs, and the BlackBerry 10 won't launch until 2013.

Mobile june 26, 2012

How A RIM Breakup Would Affect The Mobile Industry [Headlines]

If Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry, were to go under, the company who acquires their assets may come out ahead in the smartphone game.

Advertising may 7, 2012

BlackBerry Stages A Protest At The Apple Store

BlackBerry latest campaign involves fake 'riots' outside their main competitor's Sydney outpost to market their new operating system.

Innovation may 3, 2012

Does The New Camera On The Blackberry 10 Rival The iPhone? [Headlines]

RIM unveils their latest smartphone model, with the most buzz going to the advanced photo-taking feature.

Innovation february 15, 2012

Google Cleared To Buy Motorola Mobility [Headlines]

World's largest search engine is taking over mobile device division of American multinational telecommunications company.

december 6, 2011

Was RIM's Tablet A $1.5bn Mistake? [Headlines]

The latest $485m writeoff in value means that the PlayBook has generated at most 2% of RIM's revenue.

Work october 19, 2011

Is The Blackout Crisis The Final Nail For Blackberry? PSFK Asks The PurpleList

In response to RIM's recent spat of technical difficulties, PSFK reached out to the PurpleList for their thoughts on the company's future viability.

Technology october 12, 2011

BlackBerry Email Outage Hits Half Of Users [Headlines]

RIM battles to shore up its smartphone network, potentially derailing attempts to fight back against intense competition from rival manufacturers.

Technology october 12, 2011

RIM In Crisis, BlackBerry Outage Enters Day 3 [Headlines]

Millions of smartphone users have entered their third day of an internet blackout, with no word on when the services might be restored.

Mobile september 23, 2011

The iPhone Has An 89% Retention Rate; 2nd Highest Is 39% [Headlines]

The majority of iPhone users plan to go with Apple for their next phone, while other brands rates don't come close.

Luxury september 22, 2011

RIM Could Be Sitting On An Inventory Of 80,000 Playbooks [Headlines]

Blackberry makers RIM may have a surplus of their Playbook tablet, according to Asian investment firm Fubon Securities.

Design & Architecture august 22, 2011

Smart LEDs Increase Bicycle Visibility And Driver Awareness At Night

Project Aura uses RGB LEDs installed inside bike rims to tell drivers the speed of an oncoming bike. By increasing overall bicycle visibility, the creators hope to decrease the number of collisions.


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