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Design & Architecture october 31, 2016

Autonomous Oasis Concept Car Incorporates Interior Flower Garden

The urban vehicle proposes an inside that exudes calm and relaxation

Technology february 19, 2015

Autonomous Car Concept is Driven by a Robotic Arm Steering Wheel

The flexible feature allows either the right or left side passenger to steer

Work february 18, 2014

Tesla Sedan Transformed Into A Self-Driving Office And Lounge

A Swiss-based company is aiming to replicate a business-class style flight experience in a car.

Work december 13, 2012

Compact Urban EV Forces Driver And Passengers To Stand

Swiss car visionary revolutionizes urban traffic with small vehicles.

Design & Architecture february 23, 2012

Concept Car Lets You Customize The Back End Base On Your Lifestyle [Pics]

The Rinspeed Dock+Go is a two-seater electric vehicle concept with an on-demand third axle to provide more versatility..

Design & Architecture february 16, 2010

Rinspeed UC: The Remix Designed, Joystick Driven Concept Car

With the 2010 Geneva Auto Show just about to begin, we're always excited to see what sort of brilliantly odd creation Swiss based Rinspeed will debut.

Cities february 16, 2009

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