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Technology february 26, 2014

8-Bit Video Game Lets Players Enact Real World Riots From Both Sides [Video]

Created by Leonard Menchiari, 'RIOT' is a simulator based on events that have been influencing western civilization in the past few years.

Technology january 29, 2013

DNA Gun Marks Suspects To Help Control Riots

The new SelectaDNA gun could allow authorities to apprehend criminals after the event has occurred by tracking the specific genetic material.

Retail september 14, 2012

11 Stories You Need to Know Today

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, bank paying interest in ice cream, and the anticipated Wii U launch...Links to start your day with.

Home august 29, 2011

Government Decides Against Shutting Down Social Media In Crises [Headlines]

The government is no longer interested in shutting down social networks during times of crises. Instead, they're focusing on how Facebook and Twitter could be used in emergencies.

august 29, 2011

Levi's Pulls 'Riot' Ad After Public Outcry [Headlines]

Public outcry forced Levi's to pull an ad it launched on Facebook last week. Titled ,'Levi's Legacy', the commercial seemingly glorified the London riots.

Advertising august 15, 2011

Levi's Pulls 'Go Forth' Riot Ad From UK [Headlines]

Levi's has withdrawn an advertising campaign that features a young man squaring up to riot police after a public outcry that it glorified the recent public disorder across Britian.

august 10, 2011

Twitter Campaign Sweeps In To Cleanup After London Riots [Headlines]

The @riotcleanup Twitter account has accumulated more than 70,000 followers and has mobilized hundreds of volunteers to clean up the mess from the London riots.

march 27, 2011

London Protest Riot: Retailers 'Lost £5m Sales'

Retailers lost £5m in sales as London's West End was disrupted by attacks on shops by fringe members of Saturday's protest against government cuts, it is estimated. Daily Telegraph


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