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Retail january 10, 2014

Fashion Brand Store Design Mimics Major Traffic Routes [Pics]

Nendo models Theory's New York stores flow after successful urban planning principles.

Technology april 22, 2013

Cyclists Teach New Riders Urban Riding Skills

Prior to the launch of NYC’s bike share system experienced bikers are lending a hand to newbies

Technology may 30, 2012

Volvo Tests Out Driverless Cars On Public Roads

Cars without drivers were seen traveling together in Barcelona, Spain amongst regular cars.

Home march 29, 2012

AT&T Vibrating Steering Wheel Keeps Drivers Focused On The Road

Haptic feedback might be able to reduce accidents caused by in-car distractions.

Design & Architecture january 20, 2012

Kinetic Sculpture Shows The Future Of Our Metropolis [Video]

A miniature model gives us a glimpse into a chaotic urban environment with 100,000 tiny peeding cars.

Travel january 19, 2012

Sweden Plans A Four-Lane Bike Superhighway

The nordic city plans an environmentally beneficial and healthy way to travel between two cities that capitalizes on a strong local cycling culture.

Home november 18, 2011

Sunken Bridge Lets You Walk Through Water [Pics]

Innovative design for a bridge in the Netherlands combines aesthetic and ecological goals.

august 25, 2011

Cyclists, Do You Draft? [Headlines]

Is riding closely behind another cyclist to save energy poor etiquette?

Cities august 24, 2011

Most Dangerous U.S. Cities For Pedestrians [Headlines]

A non-profit group studies the most dangerous cities in the U.S. for walking and Florida is at the top.

Innovation august 18, 2011

App Shows Road Accidents In Augmented Reality [Video]

Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs tackles road safety with an app that augments reality. Users can instantly see car-related deaths, accidents and injuries that may have occurred in that particular area.

Advertising july 4, 2011

Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control: A Safer Ride?

Ford's innovative four-tiered automobile technology promises enhanced road safety, but is it enough to help motorists fully evade mishaps?

Design & Architecture march 5, 2010

[Pics] Pothole Gardens Highlight Britain’s Poor Roads

In his final year of Graphic Design, at the University of Brighton, Pete Dungey has created a series of installations on British roads to highlight the dire need for road maintenance.


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