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Mobile october 19, 2016

Israeli Motorists Can Now Report Bad Drivers Directly To The Police

The new Guardians of the Road program uses technology to help curb the country's increasing amount of fatal car accidents

Technology september 29, 2016

Norwegian Kids Are Using Their Phones To Log Unsafe Street Conditions

Travel Agent is an app that gamifies the reporting of hazardous conditions to improve the safety of children's commute to school

Technology august 4, 2016

Vibrating Wristband Keeps Bikers Safe And Under The Speed Limit

WOOLF ensures that motorcyclists can say goodbye to tickets

Syndicated october 5, 2015

Glow-In-Dark Livestock: A Measure to Cut Road Deaths

Initiative inspired by reflective reindeer antlers in Scandinavia is aimed at making animals more visible to drivers at night

Luxury january 15, 2015

Verizon Roadside Service Makes for Happier Cars and Drivers

Verizon Vehicle offers improved connectivity for drivers through trusted tech and expert support

IoT january 6, 2015

CES 2015: Volvo Concept Helmet Warns You Of Potential Accidents

The automotive company aims to reduce cyclist fatalities with world-first technology that connects cycle helmets with cars.

Mobile december 6, 2013

Safety Mode Disables Dangerous Texting And Walking

According to one Japanese phone provider, texting while walking is now also a crime.

Retail october 13, 2013

PSFK’s Top 5 Stories Of The Week

Urban Outfitters is planning its own village, and we might soon be able to project road signals for safety.

Technology september 4, 2013

Safety Tech Alerts Pedestrians To Oncoming Cars And Vice Versa [Video]

Honda has demonstrated the use of Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) technology for cars and smartphones.

Design & Architecture may 1, 2013

LED-Lit Bicycle Helmet Is Visible From Any Angle

Submission for James Dyson Award features design to ensure the cyclist can be seen by all other road users.

Advertising april 26, 2013

Illuminated Bike Wheels Keep Riders Visible

Stanford graduates update the design of our favorite sustainable mode of transport.

Syndicated february 20, 2013

Robot Cars Are Set To Take To The Streets

Driverless cars are ready to go and could allow senior citizens and the disabled to get back on the road.

Technology january 29, 2013

External Car Airbags Protect Cyclists And Pedestrians

Dutch car company TNO has developed vehicle safety features that cover the lower part of the front windshield to prevent injury.

Work january 9, 2013

Can Cyclists And Pedestrians Share The Road?

Cyclists have been enjoying the limelight, but do they get the right of way too often? Do pedestrians need to take back the streets?


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