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[News] New Octobot makes way for future of soft robotics
Technology july 29, 2016

Control A Drone’s Flight With Your Thoughts

This skullcap reads its wearer's brain activity and uses it to direct flight

Children july 25, 2016

This Walking Companion Is Designed To Teach A New Generation Of Roboticists

The toy provides an educational platform for both kids and adults alike

Travel july 15, 2016

Suitcase Is Part Segway And Part Robot

The mobile robot could just be the most intelligent suitcase available yet

Work june 30, 2016

This Cloud-Enabled Robot Could Be Your Next Coworker aims to innovate automation with a webcam-enabled arm that can tend to various tasks without human intervention

[Insight] MicKinsey identifies where machines can already replace humans in the workforce
[Insight] LinkedIn job postings may be filled by robots, says Microsoft CEO
[Inspiration] Machines will act like humans but not supercede them, says Facebook AI expert
[Insight] Robotics’ medical revolution is still in its infancy
Culture june 3, 2016

Robotically Fabricated Pavilion Inspired By A Beetle’s Wings

New installation at the V&A will grow and change its configuration

Technology may 31, 2016

A Robot Can Help Teach You Spanish

Tega mirrors students' responses to be an emotionally intelligent tutor in the class-room

Design may 26, 2016

Iron Man Suits Jumps From Screen To Reality To Improve Workers’ Jobs

Hyundai has unveiled a robotic suit that can help factory workers and more

Health may 25, 2016

Ingestible Robots Can Help Doctors Of The Future

Origami robot is capable of extracting objects or patching up small wounds

Technology may 13, 2016

This Platform Is A Launching Pad For Groups To Create Social Robots

Furhat Robotics uses human-machine research to help develop ideas for new robots


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