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Syndicated october 14, 2016

The Human Design Behind Our Robotic Helpers

Baxter and Sawyer are robots designed to collaborate with people and perform a range of repetitive jobs

Fashion october 4, 2016

Adidas Unveils Its First Sneaker Created Entirely By Robots

The Futurecraft M.F.G. represents a crucial shift in supply chain dynamics

Retail september 12, 2016

Lowe’s Is Launching Its Own Line Of Retail Robots

The home improvement chain brings service AI to its California branches

Syndicated september 9, 2016

Why A Robot Could Be The Best Boss You’ve Ever Had

Designed with strong technical expertise and high intelligence, it’s not so far-fetched that the robots of the future could outperform human managers

Food july 14, 2016

Robots Might Be The Next Food Delivery Method In London

Starship Technologies is partnering up with London food delivery startups to begin delivering meals with self-driving robots

Syndicated july 8, 2016

Why We Should Be Nice To Our Robots

Oliver Burkeman says it’s hard to bark orders at a machine without feeling like the kind of obnoxious person who barks orders at waiters

[Stat] Robots could increase global productivity 50% by 2025, adding $2 trillion to the economy
[Inspiration] Teaching robots to flirt could help them understand social cues
[News] Adidas returns mass manufacturing to Germany and US, supported by robot employees
Technology may 20, 2016

A Robot Could Be The Best Instructor To Teach You How To Code

A Harvard team created a device designed to teach young kids how to code

Technology may 13, 2016

This Platform Is A Launching Pad For Groups To Create Social Robots

Furhat Robotics uses human-machine research to help develop ideas for new robots

[Inspiration] How robotic architects and construction workers may jumpstart a fourth industrial revolution
Technology may 5, 2016

JIBO’s VP For Design To Share What Social Robots Mean For Homes Of The Future [PSFK 2016]

How social robots will bridge the gap between tech and human interactions at PSFK conference


[Insight] Chatbots have evolved to be more intelligent, but less sensitive
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