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Technology april 22, 2016

This Humanoid Robot Could Be Your Next Shopping Aide

Hitachi's robotic helper helps navigate in crowded spaces

Technology april 19, 2016

These Social Robots Were Created to Feel Like More Than Just Gadgets

Can robots recreate human relationships? These social robots attempt to make that a reality

Retail april 14, 2016

Robot Roams The Aisles To Make Sure They Are Fully Stocked

Robots like this one may soon make sure your favorite snack is in store

Technology april 6, 2016

Will Automated Restaurants Soon Replace Entry Level Workers?

With more capable robots developed every day, technology could soon impact this industry

How teaching robots to disobey can make them more effective helpers (Quartz)
Delivery robots help postal workers manage package volume in Germany (Reuters)
As robots replace humans in certain careers, how can we evaluate their performance? (HBR)
Innovation march 24, 2016

A Social Robot Designed for the Elderly

Alfie was created to help elderly users stay independent and engaged

Home march 22, 2016

Should Robots Be Biodegradable?

This institution in Italy wants to make dead robots decompose, in a way

Robotic algorithms demonstrate artistry in music, painting and fiction (Daily Beast)
We Need New Pronouns That Cover Gender-Specific Robots (Quartz)
Culture march 17, 2016

Hacking the Biosphere with Robo-Animals

A project produces machines that fit within biological systems and not against them

Advertising march 17, 2016

High-Fiving Karma Bot Spreads the Love At SXSW

A robotic creature that transforms social media posts into physical interaction

Advertising march 3, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Robot Workers and Skinny Wallets

Kickstart your day with an efficient economy and contactless payments


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