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Rocking Chair
Design & Architecture october 27, 2014

Massive Group Rocking Chair Conveys Theme of Design in Motion

Wover the Woven Rocker combines CNC milling and hand-woven polypropylene webbing

Work november 6, 2012

Rocking Chair Knits Hat

'Rocking Knit' is a new design that turns the motion of the seat into a warm winter hat.

Technology november 2, 2012

iPad Charging Rocking Chair

Furniture converts motion into usable energy to power iPad and speakers.

Arts & Culture february 15, 2012

A Space-Saving Rocking Chair That Also Helps Dry Your Laundry [Pics]

These furniture pieces take into account the limited square footage of most modern urban dwellings and are both functional and beautiful.

Design & Architecture november 23, 2010

2 Person Rocking Chair (Pics)

This unique piece of furniture designed by Markus Krauss offers a new way to think about the classic piece of furniture.

Advertising november 17, 2010

Rocking Chair Made From Recycled Bike Parts

A furniture piece from BRC Designs combines used materials in a unique way.


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