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Lobby Transformed Into An Interactive Kaleidoscopic Space

Using Light To Map Real-Time Safety Cues Onto Urban Environments [Future of Light]

Illuminating Hidden Pathways Using Projected Light [Future of Light]

Using Light As A Data Stream For Delivering Hyper-Relevant Information [Future of Light]

Illuminating The Real-Time Information Streams Flowing Around Us [Future of Light]

Ephemeral Lighting Acts As A Pathway To Sustained Human Interaction [Future of Light]

How Combining Light And Sound Can Help Reveal Local Character [Future of Light]

Illuminating The Shared Connections Between People [Future of Light]

Reinvigorating Derelict Spaces Through The Use Of Light [Future of Light]

Living At The Intersection Between Physical And Digital [Video]

Rockwell Architects On The Digital Storytelling Through Physical Space [PSFK SAN FRANCISCO]

Marketer, Designer, Educator, Change-Maker: What’s In Store For You AT PSFK SF

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