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Retail october 7, 2014

Netherlands Opens Doors of Architectural Masterpiece Markthal Rotterdam

Indoor market, housing units part of innovative 'Horseshoe' building

Work february 25, 2014

Public Square Uses Artistic Basins To Collect And Recycle Rainwater

Watersquare Benthemplein is a open air public space featuring a sports arena, theater, and also a way to recycle water.

Home december 6, 2013

Paper Cutout Faces Reconnect City-Dwellers To The Nature Around Them [Pics]

A Dutch design studio wants to bring a smile to people's faces with the help of nature.

Work november 8, 2013

Inside-Out Tower Hosts Its Closets On Its Exterior [Pics]

Outer storage compartments along Dutch building allow for a more spacious interior.

Technology october 13, 2013

Philips: Why The World Needs More Light

Lighting is being managed and generated in news ways as the world's population increases and requires more resources.

Advertising september 22, 2013

How Responsive Lighting Connects People To Their Environments [Future of Light]

Advances in sensor technology are using illumination to create an intuitive and highly personalized link between people and their surroundings.

Design & Architecture april 15, 2013

Laser Cut Rolling Pins Help Make Edible Bread Bowls [Video]

Rollware is a simple and versatile idea to make dishware.

Cities may 15, 2012

How Is Rotterdam 'Water-Proofing' Its City? [Headlines]

90% of the Dutch city sits below sea level- how the city plans to keep tides out as the climate changes.

Retail march 17, 2012

Camper's Attention Grabbing Undersea Shoe Store

Designer Alfredo Häberli treated the store as a giant walk-in aquarium.

Innovation october 20, 2010

You Steal, You're Marked

A synthetic DNA spray aids crime prevention in Rotterdam.

Sustainability october 1, 2010

Green Roofs For Communities Below Sea Level

Could Rotterdam's water management program be a viable solution for New Orleans?

Arts & Culture april 5, 2010

Spontaneous Bar Built From Umbrellas

Dutch architects built a spontaneous bar entirely from umbrellas and held a street party under it.

Retail november 20, 2009

(Pics) Rotterdam Market Hall

Dutch architecture firm MVRDV has designed a stunning building for the city of Rotterdam which stylishly mixes public and private space.

Gaming & Play june 9, 2009

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