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Sustainability july 22, 2016

Shrunken Plastic Bottles Used To Join Furniture

An art school graduate has repurposed tossed plastic containers into versatile wooden joints

Food july 15, 2016

Store Your Food In A Container Made From Cow's Milk

The plastic used to create these vessels is 100 percent biodegradable

Mobile february 5, 2016

A Waterbed That Lives Up to Its Name

Light, small, mobile—everything you’ll need in a bed-boat hybrid

Technology december 1, 2014

Suit Helps Disabled Athletes To Instantly Detect Injuries

Students from the Royal College of Art designed 'Bruise', an injury detection suit for disabled athletes

Work july 2, 2014

Inflatable Bag Protects Digital Devices In Crowded Areas

The Fugu Bag can be blown up to cushion your gadgets from the urban grind.

Work june 27, 2014

Modular Design Turns 2D Graph Paper Into A 3D Desk Set

The Grid System by Yin Chang challenges users to configure their own furniture.

Arts & Culture june 23, 2014

Super-Flexible Furniture Can Be Shaped Into Any Position

‘The Body’ is a canvas and rice furniture form that can be twisted and folded into multiple positions.

Technology april 18, 2014

Headband Bookmarks Your Favorite Digital Content Using Sensory Data

The Amoeba device measures bio-data like breathing rate and pupil dilation to analyze the user's interest levels online.

IoT march 4, 2014

Sound Sculpture Purrs And Meows When Viewers Get Close [Video]

Mew is an interactive sound piece that wants people to play with its fur.

Cities february 3, 2014

Discarded Bar Glasses Upcycled Into Mini Greenhouses [Pics]

For her Plantation project, Alicja Patanowska transforms abandonded glasses into receptacles for growing plants.

Innovation september 9, 2013

Chinese Artists Create Fake Paintings By Old Masters

Artist flips the negative stereotype of art imitation by encouraging Chinese copycats to explore their creativity while mimicking others.

Retail august 22, 2013

Hard-Shell Suitcase Stops Carpets From Going To Landfills [Pics]

Terracase by Daniel McLaughlin is a suitcase made from recycled industrial wool fibres and a resin and oil mix.

Home august 20, 2013

A Concept Car That Prints And Assembles Itself [Pics]

The Genesis concept by Nir Siegel is a 3D-printed self-building car.

Arts & Culture march 15, 2013

Redesigning The Remote Control Of The Future [Pics]

Four top design schools have been invited by EPFL+ECAL Lab to rethink the device.


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