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Sustainability november 22, 2013

Toy Commercial Empowers Girls To Shun Barbie Princesses [Video]

Using a Rube Goldberg machine, GoldieBlox imagines the fun to be had by inventive girls.

Luxury october 23, 2013

Luxury Rube Goldberg Machine Pours Perfect Glass Of Baileys

Liquid Alchemy - The Art Of Baileys Chocolat Luxe showcases a large, retro-scientific device to mix ingredients, crafting the perfect tipple.

Design & Architecture october 5, 2012

Red Bull Creates Enormous, Stunt-Powered Rube Goldberg Machine [Video]

Free runner Jason Paul and his Team Farang pals powered this feat around an abandoned factory in Hamburg, Germany.

Luxury june 22, 2012

Traveling Rube Goldberg Machine Writes Its Own Postcards

Melvin the Traveling Mini Machine fits into a suitcase and brings back the art of 'writing' letters in a characteristically roundabout way.

IoT january 9, 2012

Brooklyn Artist Creates Gadget That Turns The Page With Each Sip Of Coffee [Video]

Joseph Herscher creates sprawling Rube Goldberg-esque kinetic sculptures in his Brooklyn apartment that perform mundane actions with multiple intricate steps.


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