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Ryan Trecartin
Work october 25, 2012

Tumblr Creates A DIY GIF Art Show

The GIF gets raised to an art form with a new competition and online art gallery from Tumblr and Paddle8.

Cities october 12, 2010 Search As An Entertainment Device

David Karp and Ryan Trecartin's Seven on Seven project goes live.

Arts & Culture august 4, 2010

(Pics) Conceptual Summertime Fashion Trends

Beachwear with a flair for absurdity and utility from art collective DIS.

Work may 12, 2010

(Pics) Conceptual Business Clothing

The conceptual fashion publication Dis Magazine offers a new take on office fashion culture that calls into question traditional business clothing.

Technology april 20, 2010

Creating Impossible Viral Videos And Intimate Viewing Experiences

David Karp and Ryan Trecartin explore how a site's environment influences communities, conversations, interactions, and the tone of content.

Design & Architecture april 13, 2010

I Exist Because of Command V: Ryan Trecartin, CGI Fashion & Algorithms

Artist Ryan Trecartin explores search dynamics, social media and identity.

Innovation march 3, 2010

(Event) Artists Team Up With Technologists To Create Something New

Seven on Seven is an event that will pair seven leading artists with seven game-changing technologists in teams of two and challenge them to develop something new --be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine-- over the course of a single day


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