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Media & Publishing august 11, 2016

Watch Olympic Fencing In Full Virtual Reality

Users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Gear VR headsets will have access to 85 hours of programming during the Rio Olympics

Technology august 1, 2013

Pared Down Tablet Brings The Touchscreen To Seniors

A tablet that engages the elderly in their own care and lets family and caregivers monitor their activity remotely.

Technology march 15, 2013

Infographic Details What's New In The Samsung Galaxy S4

Is the latest phone from Apple's rival revolutionary or just an upgrade of the Galaxy S3?

Advertising march 13, 2013

Samsung’s Fake Unicorn Apocalypse Game Becomes A Reality

After a series of TV commercials centered around the mobile game that aired during the Oscars has been brought to life as part of a developer contest.

Work february 17, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Mobile Accessories For Creative Professionals

Discover 10 companies that are meeting the emerging needs of stylish, on-the-go workers.

Technology april 30, 2012

Kindle Fire Accounts for 54% Of All Android Tablet Web Use [Headlines]

Amazon device leads the pack in Internet usage, commanding over half of the market share.

april 27, 2012

Samsung Outsells Apple In Smartphone Battle [Headlines]

More consumers bought Galaxy phones than iPhones in first three months of the year.

Design & Architecture april 13, 2012

Smart Kitchen Features Touchscreen Kitchen Island & Tablet-Controlled Stoves [Pics]

This interactive benchtop lets you browse through the web while you have your meal.

Mobile february 27, 2012

Samsung To Launch Projector Phone

Galaxy Beam that will project photos and videos to any flat services

Luxury september 20, 2011

Samsung's Bang & Olufsen Concept Phone

Taking cues from high-end electronics designer Bang & Olufsen, Samsung's new concept phone is sleek and elegant.

Technology september 12, 2011

Samsung Tablets See ‘Windows’ Of Opportunity

Samsung may soon be integrating Windows into its new range of tablets, reports claim.


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