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Cities november 7, 2013

Urban Intervention Strategically Calls Attention To Breast Cancer [Pics]

Cancer center enlists Brazilian artists to modify graffiti in the name of awareness.

Work october 10, 2013

From Carnival To Culinary Excellence: Inside Sao Paulo

PSFK delves deep into the South American metropolis and explores the indomitable Brazilian spirit.

Design & Architecture december 6, 2012

Smirnoff Plasters Sao Paulo With Graffiti That Is Only Visible At Night

The British-owned Vodka Company uses building facades to create startling art.

Luxury november 19, 2012

Wallpaper’s Best Business Hotels Of 2012 [Pics]

The magazine ranks its favorite working and living spaces-- but what makes the winners shine?

Technology april 28, 2012

How Experience Is The Key To Creativity And Innovation [Need To Know]

Tom Moore of boutique innovation firm Mandalah explains why doing something leads to new ideas and innovation.

Retail march 3, 2012

Top 20 Cities For New Ideas

HubCulture updates its list of the most influential global hubs.

Technology january 25, 2012

Hospitals Text Patients To Remind Them Of Upcoming Treatments

Mobile messages have reduced the number of missed appointments for crucial treatments requiring multiple visits.

Advertising january 4, 2012

Are Cities Happier Without Advertising? [Headlines]

The banning of billboards in São Paulo, Brazil five years ago -- and the country's ability to flourish in spite of it -- calls into questions the efficacy of the advertising medium.

december 1, 2011

LinkedIn Expands Global Reach [Headlines]

The social networking site is opening offices in Brazil, creating new communication channels in Portuguese, and encouraging growth in Spanish speaking countries.

Work october 20, 2011

Heineken Launches Design-Your-Own-Club Initiative

The brewery has put in effect a new project that will see creatives from across disciplines teaming up to create unique nightlife experiences.

Sustainability october 12, 2011

LEDs Wheels Promote ‘Green Lantern’ Movie

Warner Bros used an in-the-streets campaign to publicize the release of their movie in Brazil.

Cities october 11, 2011

Space Aliens Invade São Paulo [Pics]

Urban artists bring striking yet humorous images to the streets and buildings of Brazil.

Advertising april 21, 2011

Review: Spurlock’s Greatest Movie Ever Sold

A contemplation on how entertainment culture is being changed and possibly damaged as creators take money from brands.

Technology february 23, 2011

3D Vision Without The Glasses: The Mystery Unveiled [Video]

The "revolutionary" 3D system is, in fact, a very creative joke.


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