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Technology september 3, 2013

Skatepark Glows As A Canvas For Lighting Display [Video]

3D projection transforms an unexpected space into an optical illusion.

Mobile august 7, 2012

Public Phone Booths Get Artistic Makeovers [Pics]

A telecom company in São Paulo, Brazil sponsors 100 artists to custom design pay phones.

Retail july 25, 2012

Brazilian Tea Shop Pops Out Of The Wall [Pics]

The Gourmet Tea in Sao Paulo looks like a colorful wall when closed, but then opens up by popping out of the panels.

Design & Architecture march 8, 2012

Floating Graffiti Teaches Good Values [Pics]

A community art project in São Paulo paints inspiring words that create the illusion they are suspended in mid air.

Technology may 25, 2011

Applying Physical Qualities To Invisible Data In NYC [Video]

"Searchscapes Manhattan" is an attempt to materialize the invisible data coursing through New York City.


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