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Health october 3, 2016

Scanner Gives You 3D Image Of Your Body And Health

Members of LA Fitness will soon get access to the new technology for every workout

Technology december 5, 2014

Eye Scanner May Replace Password Logins

Myris by Eyelock, Inc. lets you use your "eyeprint" to log in

Work august 28, 2014

Wireless Mouse Doubles as On-The-Go Scanner

Zcan lets users swipe across information to scan it

Technology august 30, 2013

Scanner Can Comb Through The Entire Internet In Less Than An Hour

ZMap is an open-source scanner that can survey every IP address in the world in 45 minutes and provide Internet-wide studies.

Luxury april 2, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Vatican to create advertising campaign, questions over the existence of the iPod and Facebook to build new campus...links to start your day with.

Technology march 18, 2013

Computer Mouse Doubles As A Scanner

The IRIScan Mouse lets you swipe in any direction on a document and watch text and images appear instantly on your screen.

Arts & Culture november 13, 2012

Hand-Held Scanner Plays Sheet Music In Real-Time

The Gocen is a small device that can translate handwritten notes into music and can even change instruments.

Design & Architecture july 10, 2012

Compose Music By Scanning Various Barcodes [Video]

Sample instrumental beats and notes with a handheld scanner.

Mobile may 26, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we've learned about this past week.

Technology may 18, 2012

Portable Cardboard Box Turns Smartphones Into Scanners

A Kickstarter project lets users take optimal photos of documents without the hassle using a structure that folds up flat.

Syndicated march 26, 2012

Springwise: Supermarket Checkout Scans Objects Without Barcodes

Toshiba Tec has created a grocery store scanner that can recognize produce by its appearance cutting down on lines and wait times.

Retail february 14, 2012

Add Crowdsourced Reviews To Scannable Barcodes

The OpenLabel app helps consumers determine if they should buy or avoid the item.

Luxury november 10, 2011

QR Codes Are Misunderstood And Underused [Headlines]

While 72% of consumers have seen a QR code, many don't know what they are, and only a third report that scanning them is useful.

Travel september 17, 2011

Need To Know: 10 Must Read Posts Of The Week Vol. 8

A Bing Initiative: A weekly round-up of the top ten most popular posts on PSFK--from culture to technology, art to business this list has it all.


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