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Technology march 17, 2016

Scan Yourself Into Virtual Reality Using Your Smartphone

A point and shoot is all it takes to upload your face into the VR world

Work december 11, 2015

Touch the Brushstrokes of Vincent van Gogh and Other Masters

The creator of the world's first open commercial program for 3D scanned and elevated printing of masterpieces lets individuals experience art in a tactile way

Advertising september 22, 2014

Input Yourself in ‘NBA 2K15’ Courtesy of PS4, Xbox One Face-Scanning Tech

Players can use the Kinect or PlayStation 4 camera to scan their face and customize their MyPlayer

News august 21, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Google Glass could eventually look normal, Netflix sets the mood in your living room and crutches, reinvented

Travel august 19, 2014

United Airlines Lets Travelers Scan Passport Using its App

Customers can scan their passports to check-in for international flights via their mobile devices

Technology march 18, 2013

Computer Mouse Doubles As A Scanner

The IRIScan Mouse lets you swipe in any direction on a document and watch text and images appear instantly on your screen.

Retail january 6, 2013

A Look At Virtual Retail Solutions In Daily Urban Life

PSFK's consulting team looks at how QR codes and other mobile tags can allow people faster and smarter ways to shop.

Design & Architecture november 26, 2012

Book Scanning Robot Can ‘Read’ 250 Pages A Minute [Video]

The BFS-Auto robot can achieve high-speed and high-definition book digitization with its automated page flipping.

Sustainability september 28, 2012

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Research shows online advertising is not effective, Angry Birds inventors introduce Bad Piggies game, and Instagram beats out Twitter...Links to start your day with.

Technology april 12, 2011

Stripespotter Scans Zebras Like Barcodes

A new program developed by university researchers identifies individual animals by scanning their stripes.

Technology march 16, 2011

Irregular Floors Eliminate Wood Waste [Pics]

A new flooring system makes use of irregular cuts to reduce wasted wood.

Design & Architecture december 9, 2010

Portable Braille Translator Allows The Blind To Read Any Printed Text

A haptic interactive device that helps visually impaired to read any newspaper, book or magazine.

Arts & Culture october 1, 2010

Kodak’s New Film Meant For Scanning Only

World's leading film company is releasing an exclusive new line.

IoT september 15, 2010

Google Books: The ‘Last Library’ And Metadata

Is Google committing several errors when digitally scanning books? An expert's view.


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