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[Inspiration] Brands use video and sound to sell scents online
Technology may 2, 2016

How Scent Can Become Its Own Form Of Communication

A new scent app promises personalized and networked olfactory experiences

Design & Architecture august 6, 2014

Branding Firm Creates Product Meshing Design with Human Senses

Ever wonder what makes cities so engaging? SensoryLab recreates city experiences through scent

Mobile march 18, 2014

Restaurant Menu's Scent-Diffusing App Lets Patrons Smell The Food Before They Order [Video]

Spanish chef develops app with Japanese mobile fragrance device to create 4D menu experience.

Arts & Culture january 6, 2014

Audiences Are Blindfolded During Scent-Based Concert

The Institute for Art and Olfaction is performing an olfactory experience at the Hammer Museum in LA.

Innovation march 5, 2013

1,400 Fragrances Combined Into Single, Giant Perfume Bottle [Video]

All the fragrances ever created in 2012 have been infused to create one scent.

Work february 14, 2013

Chocolate Stamps Make Mail Smell And Taste Better

Belgian post office will roll out new line of tasty postage next month.

Home february 1, 2013

Student Bottles Scents Of Famous UK Landmarks

Olivia Clemence, a Goldsmiths grad has already captured the smell of a pub and the Southbank but wants to bottle more.

Advertising december 5, 2012

Pizza Hut Creates 'Seasoned Dough' Perfume

The international fast food chain is gifting one hundred bottles of a signature scent to lucky fans in Canada.

Design & Architecture october 16, 2012

Cologne Sticks Requires Users To Light Them On Fire To Release Scent

'Campfire Cologne' comes in a matchbox instead of a bottle and you need to pull out a match, light a slice of wood, and waft the smoke to put on the scent.

Innovation august 9, 2012

Spritzing This Perfume Will Help Wearers Lose Weight

A new perfume uses endorphins to induce feelings of contentment and decrease the need to snack.

Retail june 19, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld And Wallpaper* Mag Create Book-Scented Perfume

The design publication and fashion icon come together to create the scent of 'freshly printed book.'

Technology may 17, 2012

Ford Spain Bottles New Car Scent For Its Vehicles

The iconic car company turns an overlooked consumer need into a successful campaign to promote their own line of used cars.

Cities april 11, 2012

Dunkin' Donuts Interactive Bus Ad Sprays The Aroma Of Coffee

Dunkin' Donuts uses ambient scent to release the scent of their brew when a radio ad played, to help increase brand awareness in South Korea.


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