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Ai june 15, 2016

What Does It Look Like When AI Writes An Entire Screenplay?

An algorthim has created this sci-fi love story for the big screen

Culture october 9, 2014

Lightsaber Combat Academy Unleashes Both Jedi, Sith

A string of martial arts-like training programs offer Padawans the ultimate choice

[Inspiration] In pop culture, science-fiction stories look more realistic than ever before
Design september 17, 2014

Suck Up Vaporized Flavors with Edible Mist Machines

Lick Me, I'm Delicious creates a cookie-flavored haze you can inhale through a straw

Culture september 9, 2014

Outdoor Barbecue Designed as a Work of Art

French company develops a sci-fi grill with a staggering price tag

Design september 2, 2014

Tatooine Sand Watches Inspired by ‘Star Wars’ Filming Location

A Kickstarter project offers hand-built wristwatches containing sand from Tunisian film set

Design august 29, 2014

Darth Vader, Star Wars Honored with Toasty Treatment

The head of the infamous villain from the sci-fi saga can make special scorched versions of the favorite food item

Advertising august 8, 2014

Hyundai Will Air Sci-Fi Short Film During Commercial Breaks

In the ad breaks of TNT's Legends pilot, a three-part story will feature the all-new Genesis model

Advertising july 23, 2014

North Korean Architect Dreams Up Futuristic Buildings to Promote Tourism

Would you visit for flying hotels, ski tubes, and sustainable silk co-operatives?

Design may 14, 2014

What The Street Signs Of Our Sci-Fi Future Will Look Like

Public announcements about synthetic biology and 3D printed food.

Design august 16, 2013

Popular Alcohol Bottles Revamped With Star Wars Packaging [Pics]

Jedi and Sith characters are the inspiration for these force-infused beverages

Culture june 11, 2013

Creating The Future For The Oblivion Movie

The Creators Project gets a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a big-budget science fiction film.

Advertising january 4, 2013

Nike Creates A Tron-Style Run Tracker

Diagrams reminiscent of the popular sci-fi film show who runs the most between men and women, along with other stats.

Culture september 10, 2012

Ridley Scott’s Son Shoots A Short Film Homage To Dad’s Career [Video]

Luke Scott directs that short, 'Loom', shot in collaboration with RED cameras, which plays on the classic dystopian sci-fi movie his father was famous for.


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