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Work january 16, 2014

BBC Predicts The End Of Civilization [Infographic]

How will the future of life pan out a thousand years to one hundred quintillion years from now?

Technology september 2, 2013

Researcher’s Brain Controls People's Movements Via The Internet

Experts have successfully connected two human brains on one telecommunications channel.

Home august 29, 2013

Scientists Create Sperm Bank For Endangered Animals

Using a freeze-drying technique, Japanese scientists have created a living database to bring extinct species back to life.

Technology august 15, 2013

3D-Printed Kidneys Could Shorten Transplant Waiting Times [Video]

Scientists at Huazhong University in China are using a 3D printer to create mini organs that are alive and functional.

Technology may 17, 2013

Viruses Can Now Detect Bacterial Superbugs

Potentially fatal antibiotic-resistant bacteria can now be found in a matter of minutes.

Technology may 13, 2013

HIV Drugs Delivered Using Electro-Magnetic Particles

Drugs will counteract the brain barrier in the body, and may be the answer to curing fatal diseases.

Work december 4, 2012

Eliminate Flickering, Buzzing Office Lights

Wake Forest University researchers have developed a lighting solution based on FIPEL technology that gives off a soft white glow, and is still sustainable.

Innovation november 7, 2012

The Blind Could Learn To See Using Animal 'Whiskers'

Scientists look to rats to help create life-altering measures for the visually impaired.

Work october 10, 2012

Facebook For Scientists Crowdsources Research

Social network ResearchGate recently reached over 2 million members and is enabling research collaboration like has never been able to happen before.

Innovation september 19, 2012

Never Brush Teeth Again With Protective ‘Armor’ That Prevents Decay

Scientists in Japan have created a hard-wearing, artificial enamel that covers your teeth and is only 0.004 millimeters thick.

Innovation may 5, 2012

Bionic Eye Expected To Let The Blind See By 2014

Successful research has begun with prototype microchips that will serve to restore sight to the visually impaired

Innovation may 2, 2012

New Blood Test Detects Breast Cancer Years In Advance

The test identifies a genetic change that can indicate cancer, allowing women to take preventive medicines and switch to healthier lifestyles.

Sustainability march 2, 2012

20 Artists & Scientists Will Try To Solve Climate Change On Remote Pacific Island

Setting sail for an isolated French island off the coast of Mexico a multidisciplinary team will research and express environmental concerns.

Innovation february 7, 2012

Flexible Battery Can Be Woven Right Into Your Clothes

Scientists create smart textiles that could emit a distress signal or save a person's life.


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