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Home june 26, 2013

Artist Tattoos Inmates With DIY Ink Guns [Pics]

Famed tattoo artist Scott Campbell created realistic watercolor paintings depicting home-made gadgets he built to use on inmates in Mexico City.

Design & Architecture january 24, 2012

Scott Campbell Carves A Skull Out Of 11 Thousand Dollar Bills [Pics]

The celebrity tattoo artists will showcase artworks laser-cut from stacks of money.

Work march 23, 2011

Scott Campbell's $11,000 Laser Cut Money Skull

The New York-based artist uses sheets of American money to prove a point about consumer spending.

Advertising october 15, 2009

Scott Campbell: "Always Almost There"

Scott Campbell's London show highlights his latest work which explores iconic American Culture.

Design & Architecture april 29, 2009

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