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Technology december 6, 2012

Microsoft Launches Social Network ‘Socl’

The site allows you to create topics of interest and click into these to see a scrapbook-style layout of images and text.

Retail november 26, 2012

IKEA Launches New Scrapbooking App To Help Design A Room

'Klippbok' lets users drag and arrange different furniture and accessories to create their ideal spaces.

Luxury october 26, 2012

Electronics Brand Launches Computer Designed Especially For Women

‘Floral Kiss’ features a caps lock key decorated with diamond-cut stone, and a flip latch that is easily opened, even if the user has long nails.

Arts & Culture april 11, 2011

DIY Physical Computing Arrives Via Scrapbook [Video]

We live in a networked world full of sensors - can these books help us teach children the importance of true interactivity?

Sustainability april 28, 2010

How I Met Your Motherboard Collects Stories of Early Computing Memories

Long before the names of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were rolling off everyone's tongues, there was an age of computing innocence pre-dating the dawn of the Internet.


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