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Design & Architecture may 9, 2016

Motorcycle Engines, Pickle Slices And Laminated Leather Become High Design At Collective 2016

Material exploration was a dominant theme of the 4th annual design collectors show

Work march 23, 2016

Where Have All the Art Punks Gone?

Every generation has defined itself by rebellion. So where are the Gen Y revolutionaries?

Innovation january 7, 2016

With Every Drip, Melting Polar Bear Statue Raises Global Warming Awareness

A cry for help from the Arctic that isn't so cute, cuddly or comforting

Work december 14, 2015

Design Miami/ 2015 Explores the Fun and Funky Side of Objects

Designers introduced colorful characters and explored left-field materials

Arts & Culture december 7, 2015

Swarovski Installation Represents the Sun 1 Billion Times Smaller

The sculpture of the sun for Design Miami/ explores the intersection of light and geometry

Syndicated september 24, 2015

Ai Weiwei: From Criminal to Art-World Superstar

The Chinese artist talks about how his incarceration helped his career, and why he’s embarrassed about his early work

Work february 23, 2015

Car Surfs Cement in Parking Lot Illusion

The attention-grabbing public art piece defies gravity with complex engineering

Technology december 23, 2014

Giant Keyboard Depicts Loneliness in Computer Use

An artist in China creates a keyboard of miniature sculptures of families disconnected by their dependence on the computer

Design & Architecture november 3, 2014

Get Hands-On Sculpture Education with Interactive Pop-Up Book

'You Call That Art?!' challenges readers to build their own masterpieces

Arts & Culture october 17, 2014

Metal Animal Sculptures Allow You to Create Your Own Creature, Help Charity

DIY, magnetized sheet metal designs help real-life animals

Design & Architecture september 12, 2014

The Hammock Bath Tub: A Suspended Alternative to Soak In

Enjoy a long hot dip with your loved one while floating on air

Cities september 11, 2014

Fairy Throne Crafted from Various Animal Bones

A peculiar artist finds fairy-tale beauty in morbidity

Advertising september 10, 2014

Intricately Crafted Paper Advertising Briefs Inspired By South African Job Bags

We Sent Their Briefs Back aims to eradicate the traditional move of sending portfolio and credentials via USB drive

Arts & Culture september 8, 2014

Graffiti Alternative Now Available for Kids

Dutch designer Baschz Leeft develops chalk tagger for children


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