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Let Your Youngsters Get Lost in the Cultivation of Sculpture Gardens

Artist’s Stunning, Homegrown Crystal Sculptures Will Decay for Trillions of Years

Jan Frank: How A Gangster Of Love Walks The Fine Line Of Literalism & Abstraction

Chiseled Digital Sculptures Harken Back To Michelangelo [Video]

Polyester Transforms Apartment Fixtures Into Lightweight, Translucent Decorations [Pics]

Classical Soap Statues Dress Up Dull Bathrooms [Pics]

Still-Life Photography Landscapes Made Entirely Out Of Food [Pics]

Haunting Sculptures Of Creatures From Dreams [Pics]

Intricate Paperclip Sculptures Depict People In Motion [Pics]

Famous Art Re-Imagined As LEGO Sculptures [Pics]

Melting Figurines Portay The Dangers of Climate Change [Pics]

Wooden Sculptures Act As Screen For Crowd-Controlled Projections [Video]

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