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Design & Architecture february 15, 2016

Let Your Youngsters Get Lost in the Cultivation of Sculpture Gardens

This life-sized building toy steers kids toward the arts and sciences

Work december 11, 2014

Artist's Stunning, Homegrown Crystal Sculptures Will Decay for Trillions of Years

Using relatively feeble organic matter and mighty liquid bismuth, Chris Ritson engages with our relationships to life, death, dreams, and nature

Op-Ed july 8, 2014

Jan Frank: How A Gangster Of Love Walks The Fine Line Of Literalism & Abstraction

NYC artist talks about his latest work at the Nahmad Contemporary Gallery.

Work october 28, 2013

Chiseled Digital Sculptures Harken Back To Michelangelo [Video]

Created by artist Quayola, Captives is a series of digital and physical sculptures that offer a modern interpretation of the Renaissance style.

Home october 14, 2013

Polyester Transforms Apartment Fixtures Into Lightweight, Translucent Decorations [Pics]

Specimen Series by artist Do Ho Suh is a series of sculptures of appliances and home accessories.

Arts & Culture september 10, 2013

Classical Soap Statues Dress Up Dull Bathrooms [Pics]

Korean artist Meekyoung Shin's creations are located in the bathrooms of museums and galleries across the UK.

Work august 23, 2013

Still-Life Photography Landscapes Made Entirely Out Of Food [Pics]

Meat, bread and vegetables used to create breathtaking scenes in various environments.

Arts & Culture august 12, 2013

Haunting Sculptures Of Creatures From Dreams [Pics]

Artist translates the mysterious concept of dreams into reality.

Work july 17, 2013

Intricate Paperclip Sculptures Depict People In Motion [Pics]

One sculptor opts for a more unique medium than simple clay and marble.

Arts & Culture june 21, 2013

Famous Art Re-Imagined As LEGO Sculptures [Pics]

Artist Nathan Sawaya puts on his biggest exhibition to date at Discovery Times Square in New York.

Cities june 11, 2013

Melting Figurines Portay The Dangers of Climate Change [Pics]

Artist uses unique medium to highlight one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Cities may 22, 2013

Wooden Sculptures Act As Screen For Crowd-Controlled Projections [Video]

Animal art was illuminated by mapped visuals during Rotterdam's Museum Night.

Work march 4, 2013

Artist Uses Insects To Create Precious Metal Sculptures

Artist Hubert Duprat uses caddisfly larvae to help create his art, by providing them with beads, pearls, and gold pieces to build their shells.

Design & Architecture january 30, 2013

Ai Weiwei Collabs With Toy Designer To Create Giant Nude Sculptures

The Chinese artist has partnered with Eric So for a group of rounded caricatures that reference his naked portrait series that was banned by the Chinese government.


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