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Travel november 28, 2016

Google Introduces New Search And Map Features

The service provides real-time info on how crowded stores are and how long people spend there

Arts & Culture july 19, 2016

Google Wants To Help Voters In The Coming US Election

Google has launched a new search feature to provide crucial information on the voter registration process

[News] Google pushes mobile search by splitting desktop and phone search index
[Stat] 50% of shoppers use Amazon first while searching for products
[News] Google to decrease website rank if cumbersome interstitials are used
[Insight] Search queries can help identify early symptoms of diseases, says Microsoft
[Insight] Search has evolved from answering queries to accomplishing tasks, says Google CEO
85 cents of every new dollar spent in online advertising goes to Google or Facebook, says Morgan Stanley (NY Times)
Why Restaurants Are Googling Diners Before They Come In
Advertising june 5, 2013

Fashion Search Engine Matches Outfit Photos To Retail Sites

New app finds the latest fashions using images of other people.

Sustainability june 4, 2013

Secluded Hotel Built Into The Side Of A Mountain

Holiday destination in the Vals hills of Switzerland showcases the best in architectural design while highlighting its surrounding natural beauty.

Technology august 24, 2012

Microsoft's Bing Integrates Quora Into Search Results [Headlines]

The search engine pushes on in its competition against Google, adding more social data.

Mobile july 13, 2012

Mobile App Organizes Contacts Based On Relationships

Brewster's algorithm monitors how a user interacts with people across multiple social networks, creating relevant lists for searching.

Design & Architecture july 10, 2012

Book Depicts The Top Google Image Search Of Every Word In The Dictionary [Video]

From A to Z, this cool book project gives you a word's corresponding image from the world wide web.


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