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Technology september 6, 2016

Google Is Leveraging The Power Of The Crowd To Improve Translations

Online volunteers have the opportunity to refine the company's rendition and mapping services through related microtasks

Gaming & Play september 1, 2016

Google Is Helping You Waste Time With Solitaire And Tic-Tac-Toe

Procrastinate your to-do's with these internet games embedded in your search box

Design & Architecture august 26, 2016

Search Engine Turns Your Own Drawings Into Photos

This image-matching software accepts hand-made sketches instead of keywords

Advertising april 18, 2016

Search Engine Donates Advertising Profits To Planting Trees

A search engine aims to make the world greener by sending ad profits toward tree planting

Arts & Culture april 8, 2016

The Entire History Of Photography Is Now Accessible Through An Online Database

Searchable resource contains 110,000 photographers and others involved in photographic production

Technology march 2, 2016

The Kid-Friendly Search Engine

Prepare kids to process search data in an age of information overload

IoT november 9, 2015

Search Engine for the Internet Of Things Visualizes Our Connected World

Thingful is here to do what Google does best with a focus on providing users with information on data within the connected world

Technology june 2, 2014

Search Engine Donates All Click Profits To Charity

Sleio aims to change the world one search at a time by donating 100% of revenue generated through users' clicks.

Innovation may 22, 2014

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Buzzfeed's founder was a Marx theorist, Russia to launch website to rival Google and Spotify numbers hit the millions.

Sustainability january 16, 2014

Subway Turns To GIFs To Boost Social Shares [Pics]

The sandwich chain targets a new consumer base in mini-campaign.

Technology january 8, 2014

New Search Engine Asks Friends For The Answers

New app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone polls social networks for info.

Technology december 3, 2013

Search Engine Breaks Down Algorithmic Prejudice With Unexpected Content

A new kind of search engine that does not polarize information based on user preference and helps to burst the "Filter Bubble."

Sustainability november 18, 2013

Google Rival Fights Climate Change With Every Search

Ecosia is a Bing- and Yahoo-powered search engine that enables web searches to double as eco-friendly contributions.

Advertising october 3, 2013

Wikipedia-Inspired Search Engine Relies On Its Users For Data

The next big search engine that just might blow Google out of the water.


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