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Technology january 23, 2013

Google Makes Job Applications Easier With Google+ Integration

For those applying for a job at the search giant, it now offers customized recommendations, connections, email updates, and more.

Technology august 23, 2012

Filter Google Search To Eliminate 'Bad' Results Of Yourself

Norton’s new tool ‘Top Search’ lets anyone change the high ranked search result for themselves for free and link it to a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, personal blog, etc.

Advertising august 14, 2012

Google No Longer Pushing Google+ In Results [Headlines]

The search engine giant will no longer promote their own social content in search over results from other social media feeds.

Work august 25, 2011

Google Infinite Scroll Makes Searches Faster [Video]

Google infinite scroll function would make searches faster and easier where search results would appear on one page.

Advertising august 23, 2011

Search Traffic To Suffer For Those Who Don't Add A Google +1 Button?

A recent article suggests that Google will penalise websites that don't display the +1 button.

Advertising july 22, 2011

Futureful's New App Predicts Exactly What You Want [Video]

Finnish start-up develops a new predictive discovery engine for the iPad.

Mobile june 2, 2011

Picture This: New Twitter Updates For Photos And Searching

Twitter search now displays photos and videos, and soon you'll be able to upload a photo straight to the service.

Technology february 25, 2011

Google Turns The Entire Web Into A Personal Cookbook

The company adds more utility to its searches, letting users trim the fat from results and get right to cooking. By clicking the 'recipes' tab that appears on the left side of the results page, the browser filters the returns with an eye towards food preparation.

Advertising november 1, 2010

New Search Engine Aims To Offer More Relevant Results

Blekko is a new search engine that claims to offer better content.

Design & Architecture october 7, 2010

Google's Search Preview

The search engine is testing a new feature that helps users to more easily decide what links to click on.


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