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Technology june 6, 2012

Only Merchants Who Pay Will Appear In Google Shopping Search [Headlines]

Ending a decade long practice of offering free product listings may leave customers wanting for variety.

Arts & Culture june 1, 2012

Google+ Local To Upend Yelp By Introducing Zagat Reviews In Searches [Headlines]

35,000 place reviews from the community review site, previously only available by subscription, will now be available to anyone using Google+ Local.

Technology may 21, 2012

Google Chrome Becomes #1 Web Browser [Headlines]

For the first time, Chrome edges out Internet Explorer for a full week, demanding nearly 1/3 of market share.

Technology may 21, 2012

Google Revamps Search To Help Users Find Things Faster [Headlines]

Users will now see results filtered by context and with more images, helping them to quickly find what they're looking for instead of sifting through copious unwanted results.

Retail march 27, 2012

Online Fashion Community Lets You Search For Makeup To Go With Your Outfit

Polyvore has launched a new search feature that allows users to click on any color, to view the cosmetic product in the desired shade, across multiple beauty brands.

Gaming & Play february 16, 2012

Google Creates Daily Puzzles To Teach Users How To Search Better

The search giant has teamed with Wired magazine to develop a series of games to train us to find information faster.

Mobile november 11, 2011

Mobile Search Advertising On The Rise [Headlines]

In just one year, mobile spending has risen by 270%, indicating a fertile ground for advertising.

Design & Architecture november 7, 2011

Social Network Helps You Meet The Neighbors

Nextdoor will not only help you to build ties in your community but also to build your business network.

october 21, 2011

MC Hammer Launches His Own Search Engine [Headlines]

WireDoo's goal it to focus on "deep search" and something he just made up called "relationship search", which will attempt to connect search terms with related topics

Technology october 5, 2011

Comparing Facebook’s Mass Appeal To Twitter’s Niche Appeal

What enabled Facebook to become more popular than Twitter? What does Twitter need to do to grow like Facebook?

Mobile september 30, 2011

Google Invests $28 Million In Affordable Housing [Headlines]

The search giant has broken into the low-income housing development market.

Cities september 16, 2011

The State Of The Internet: A Feast Of Worldwide Data

Visual data aficionados, rejoice. An information-rich site capturing real-time data surrounding the power and current state of the internet is available for your perusal (and presentation, education needs).

Home september 12, 2011

Hunt For Apartments Easily With Your iPhone

An new apartment-finding iPhone app allows users to quickly organize listings by adding notes, photos and maps.

Cities september 2, 2011

Wajam’s Location-Based Searches Let Your Friends Recommend Results

A new search feature pulls links and favorites from your social network when you search by locations.


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