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Technology september 20, 2016

Cosmopolitan Launches Its Own Fashionable City Car

Automaker SEAT collaborated with the style magazine's editors to design a vehicle for its 'fun and fearless' female readers

Home may 22, 2013

Flat Pack Chair Cut From A Single Piece Of Wood [Pics]

Monstrans' compact furniture piece is ideal for smaller living spaces.

Innovation april 10, 2013

Counting-Down Taxi Meter Shows How Much Money Could Be Saved On Fuel

European auto manufacturer uses the real life situation to demo its new break energy recovery system.

Design & Architecture september 7, 2012

Inflatable Metal Furniture 'Pops Up' In Minutes [Video]

Puff! is a line of stools and benches that are constructed using a bicycle pump.

Arts & Culture july 16, 2012

Five Letters Pieced Together Spell & Form A Chair

Components from the alphabet spell out and create a furniture item.

Sustainability may 25, 2012

Minimalistic Kid's Bench Turns Into Seesaw [Pics]

Interesting furniture piece doubles as a children's play equipment.

august 24, 2011

Volkswagen To Launch Single Seat Electric Car [Headlines]

Single-seat cars have never made it into the mainstream, but Volkswagen, famous for the Beetle, will be unveiling its take on the automobile for one on September 8.

august 24, 2011

Front Row Seats At Beyoncé? Tag Them So Your Facebook Friends Know [Headlines]

Ticketmaster is coming up with interactive seat maps so you can tag your seat and see where your Facebook friends are sitting.

Advertising september 25, 2009

Oh Brother Ad From SEAT

The more they love the monster the bigger it grows. What happens when it can't fit in the car?


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