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Technology november 18, 2016

This Game Teaches Players About Nuclear War Danger

Eric Orphan is a game that turns players into government agents that need to prevent nuclear warfare

IoT november 17, 2016

A Drone Could Be The Best Security System For Your House

Sunflower Labs has developed a proximity-sensor and auto-piloted quadcopter to take on any unwanted visitors

[News] IBM Built a Copy of the Internet to help companies guard against cyber attacks
Automotive november 1, 2016

AI Cameras Are Catching Motorists Who Text And Drive

Startup Hikvision has developed a device called Modivius which can catch cars in a host of law-breaking behaviors

Mobile october 19, 2016

Israeli Motorists Can Now Report Bad Drivers Directly To The Police

The new Guardians of the Road program uses technology to help curb the country's increasing amount of fatal car accidents

[News] Startup uses AI cameras to catch texting drivers
Technology october 19, 2016

Your Body Could Be The Most Secure Password

New technologies are being developed to let people seamlessly unlock and control the devices around them using their biometric signals

Design & Architecture october 17, 2016

Safe Deposit Box Takes Design Cues From Pop Culture

The vault from Scott Jarvie brings a new level of theatricality into the home

Retail october 17, 2016

Alibaba's VR Shopping System Let You Pay With A Nod

A virtual checkout experience was designed to incorporate intuitive gestures into the purchase process

Children september 21, 2016

Mobile Game For Kids Helps Them Keep An Eye On Speeding Parents

The app uses a phone's GPS to detect a car's rate of travel and compares it against the road limit

[Insight] Focusing on growth, startups are under scrutiny for skimping on worker wellbeing
[News] An army of hackers are exposing the vulnerability of our everyday devices
[News] Hackers remote steer a Tesla, exposing security challenges of autonomous vehicles
Technology september 16, 2016

Docking Station Turns Your Old iPad Into Security Camera System

The video monitoring device rotates 360 degrees to help you keep an eye on your castle


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