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Travel september 15, 2016

A Video Guide On How To Snap Selfies And Eat Like An Icelander

Humorous tutorials aim to preserve Icelandic culture and geography in the wake of its geothermically hot tourism industry

Technology august 16, 2016

Selfie Corrector Makes Photos Of Yourself More Flattering

This admittedly complex editing tool relies on perspective-aware manipulation instead of filters to turn your worst into your best

Social Media may 20, 2016

How Custom Snapchat Filters Have Grown Into A Huge Market

Snapchat lets users to pay for custom geofilters for weddings or whatever — for a price

Advertising may 17, 2016

Upload A Selfie To This Bottle Of Juice Before You Buy

The 'Feeling Fly' campaign is designed to promote customer engagement

Technology may 16, 2016

Facebook Wants You To Take Selfies In VR

Now we know how Oculus and social networking make sense together

Design & Architecture april 29, 2015

The Selfie Arm Helps You Disguise Your Loneliness

This tongue-in-cheek design project by Aric Snee and Justin Crowe highlights society's hankering for Internet validation

Technology april 16, 2015

Take a Selfie a Day for a You-Centered Movie of Your Life

Stop posting the same pics of yourself to social media and make a facilitated time-lapse instead with Everyday app

Luxury february 5, 2015

Lost Your Passport? You Can Now Take a Selfie to Replace It

A new passport card system in the EU promises to reduce both hassle and expense

Work january 22, 2015

University Classrooms are Replacing Shakespeare with Selfies

Emerging college courses analyze celebrities, selfies, and even 'wasting time on the Internet' to draw insights on pop culture and media

Mobile november 19, 2014

Lumia Phone's Unselfish Selfies Collection Donates to a Good Cause

To launch the Lumia 735, Microsoft has introduced a fashion collection with a twist

Retail october 21, 2014

Enter Old Navy's Giant Contraption That Turns Selfies into Balloon Art

The Old Navy #Selfiebration machine is a giant device that turns Twitter selfies into ephemeral, blown-out portraits

Mobile october 8, 2014

Artists Explore Selfie Culture of Narcissism

Interactive anti-selfie mirror distorts reflection the longer a person looks into it

Innovation october 7, 2014

Selfless Selfie Project Lets You Snap Photo, Donate to a Cause

UNIQLO #3DSelfie holiday campaign encourages consumers to take photographs that give back to the community

Work september 29, 2014

Wearable Quadcopter Drone Makes for Next-Level Selfies

Part wristband, part whirlybird, this early-stage project offers aerial views on the go


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