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Technology november 18, 2016

This Augmented Reality Sensor Can Measure Your House

Canvas is a new app and advanced sensor that uses augmented reality to create 3D images of your space directly from your mobile device

Work november 28, 2014

PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Withings Aura

A mattress sensor and ambient light for a sweeter slumber

Work november 28, 2014

PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Lumo Lift

This wearable sensor is your path to better posture

Mobile november 28, 2014

PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Tile

Keep tabs on your belongings with a teeny tiny connected device

Innovation november 12, 2014

Wearable Analyzes Sweat as You Exercise to Create Personalized Wellness Profile

Electrozyme is a biosensor strip that tells the wearer when to replenish lost electrolytes, rehydrate and take a break

Mobile october 2, 2014

Acoustic Sensor for Pregnant Women Records Fetal Heartbeats

The Bellabeat Shell lets moms-to-be listen to, record and share their baby's heartbeat with loved ones

Sustainability october 2, 2014

Brain Sensor Cap Illuminates Colors of Thought

Animating technology lights up events such as NY Fashion Week, endorses 'extimacy'

Innovation september 24, 2014

Helmet Sensor Notifies Contacts During Accidents

The ICEdot Sensor is an attachment that notifies emergency contacts in case you crash or fall

Technology may 27, 2014

Tiny Sensor Clips Onto Gloves To Help Golfers Practice Like Tiger Woods

Zepp Golf offers an alternative to professional gold instruction.

Home april 4, 2014

IFTTT Doormat Turns On Gadgets When You Walk In The Door

The SmartMat can be programmed with a number of functions in a 'smart home' setting.

Sustainability december 27, 2013

PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Innovations For A Modern Kitchen

Give a smart present that will keep a friend's home up-to-date.

IoT december 16, 2013

Water Monitor Is Powered By H2O Itself

You won't need to worry about changing the batteries on this smart little water sensor.

Gaming & Play october 17, 2013

How Kinect Is Helping Retailers Attract Customers [Videos]

The interactive gaming tool engages potential customers to try out new products virtually.

Design & Architecture september 19, 2013

iPad 3D-Scanner Captures Images For Printing [Video]

Occipital designed the world's first 3D sensor for mobile devices.


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