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Technology july 1, 2013

Cylinder Sensor Measures Indoor Air Quality [Video]

Keep your family safe from indoor air pollutants with this easy-to-use device.

Design & Architecture june 14, 2013

Fruit Bowl Detects Mold Before It Grows

Clever device will ensure gone-off fruit is a thing of the past.

Syndicated april 18, 2013

How Wearable Tech Is Reinforcing The Brand Experience

With the help of partner iQ by Intel, PSFK looks at how smart fabrics and accessories are changing fashion.

Sustainability april 7, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A smartphone camera that takes your pulse and an iPhone app to diagnose STDs: the most innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Technology march 8, 2013

Sensor Detects The Freshness Of Food

Researchers have created a smart circuit that could eliminate the need for expiration dates.

Design & Architecture march 5, 2013

Chair Self-Destructs After Being Sat On Eight Times [Video]

The DRM Chair, created by a group of designers during a 48 hour hackathon, only has a limited number of uses.

Technology january 25, 2013

Apple Patents Shoe That Tells Wearer When To Buy New Ones

The company describes an embedded sensor that tracks your activity and alerts users when their shoes are worn out.

Gaming & Play january 9, 2013

Accessory Turns iPhone Into A Gesture-Based Computer Mouse [Video]

Kickstarter project Mauz hopes to change the way users browse on their laptop.

Work january 7, 2013

Intel Helps Users Avoid Collisions When Playing Wii Or Kinect Games

Technology that aims to improve safety in motion-controlled activities.

Home december 21, 2012

Portable Monitor Sends Tailored Air Pollution Updates To Phones

CitiSense is a system that lets you check air quality conditions in the palm of your hand.

Technology november 7, 2012

Microsoft Kinect Could Soon Tell How Many Viewers Are In Front Of The TV

The tech giant files for a patent that has netizens concerned about their privacy.

Technology october 29, 2012

Biometric Video Game Helps Kids Control Their Anger

Children can manage their temper better by playing RAGE Control.

Technology october 4, 2012

Hands Free Maps Let Drivers Get Info With A Flick Of Their Finger [Video]

The Raku Navi is embedded with an Air Gesture Sensor beneath the touchscreen.

Work september 15, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From sensors that can predict falls before they happen to bio-hackers advancing human evolution, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.


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