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iPad 3D-Scanner Captures Images For Printing [Video]

Fat-Burning Breathalyzer Detects Whether Exercise Is Actually Working

Cylinder Sensor Measures Indoor Air Quality [Video]

Fruit Bowl Detects Mold Before It Grows

How Wearable Tech Is Reinforcing The Brand Experience

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

Sensor Detects The Freshness Of Food

Chair Self-Destructs After Being Sat On Eight Times [Video]

Apple Patents Shoe That Tells Wearer When To Buy New Ones

Accessory Turns iPhone Into A Gesture-Based Computer Mouse [Video]

Intel Helps Users Avoid Collisions When Playing Wii Or Kinect Games

Portable Monitor Sends Tailored Air Pollution Updates To Phones

  • 21 december 2012
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