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Technology may 26, 2016

Google’s New Science Journal App Connects To The Kid In You

The app gives amateur scientists an outlet to observe and record the world around them

Technology may 10, 2016

How Wearable Tech Can Reduce Workplace Injuries

KINETIC gathers data around an employees' posture to provide tips on how to move and avoid injury

Work march 23, 2016

Hack Your Houseplants With Coded Light and Water Sensors sensors monitor plants and send alerts when they need care

Cities november 20, 2014

Casual Hat Can Measure Heart Rate, Cadence and Calories

The LifeBEAM hat doubles as a piece of wearable technology with electro-optical sensors that help you better monitor health

Technology november 19, 2014

Tiny Ear Clip Keeps Tabs on Your Chewing Habits

BitBite uses audio tracking and sensors to track and improve eating behaviour

Innovation november 18, 2014

Lock Sphere Forces You to Think Outside the Box with Mind Games

Equipped with multiple high-sensitivity sensors, the object can feel slight vibrations and knows the color of the sky

Sustainability november 13, 2014

CubeSensors Help You Track Your Sleep

Sensors pair with Fitbit and Jawbone to let you know exactly what's right and wrong with your Zs

Work october 22, 2014

Chicago Will Use Sensors to Gather Data on City and its Residents

Later this fall, Windy City dwellers may start to notice -- and be noticed by -- a number of high-tech installations

Mobile october 13, 2014

SmartMat Integrates Responsive Sensors for Optimal Yoga Experience

This smart yoga mat helps enthusiasts develop better practices for their body type and observe limitations by connecting to wireless devices

Partner Content september 24, 2014

Living In a World That Reacts as Fast as You

Networked objects are learning to anticipate our needs and orchestrate responses that deliver safety, efficiency and convenience

Technology march 4, 2014

Sound Sculpture Purrs And Meows When Viewers Get Close [Video]

Mew is an interactive sound piece that wants people to play with its fur.

Work january 23, 2014

Bio-Sensing Book Changes Temperature Based On The Plot [Video]

Sensory Fiction consists of a connected book and a wearable piece, both of which are designed to help the reader experience the main character’s emotions.

Arts & Culture december 19, 2013

Electronic Music Created Only Using Facial Twitches [Video]

Facial recognition technology makes composing melodies seem effortless.


Low-cost DIY bio-sensors for homemade medical devices
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