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Integrated wearable sensor and specialist analysis for fertility prediction
Technology october 1, 2013

Sensor Kit Allows Blind Cyclists To Ride Independently

Visually impaired people can now cycle safely with the UltraBike unit.

Design & Architecture september 4, 2013

Wristband Transforms Wearer’s Heartbeat Into Unique Password

Bionym’s Nymi wristband can identify the wearer by their cardiac rhythm and could be used to unlock car doors or log in to a computer.

Gaming & Play august 20, 2013

Frogger For Google Glass Makes Wearer Jump To Cross Virtual Streets

The Google Glass app 'GlassFrogger' gets users moving and out of their seats by challenging them to jump to avoid virtual cars and other obstacles.

IoT august 13, 2013

Mattress Sensor Monitors Vitals During Sleep

Beddit is a sensor and an accompanying app, that analyzes quality of sleep and offers tips on how to sleep easier and deeper.

Sustainability august 12, 2013

Microsoft Phone Knows When To Not Disturb

Using environmental sensors, the device could stop users from being called or texted at inappropriate times.

Sustainability august 9, 2013

Sneakers With Headlights To Keep Joggers Safe

Concept sneakers with built-in sensors can detect environmental hazards and light the path ahead.

Technology august 5, 2013

Temporary Tattoo Senses When Athletes Reach Physical Exhaustion

A less invasive way of collecting key information compared with constant blood samples.

Innovation july 30, 2013

Tooth-Embedded Sensor Relays Eating Habits To The Dentist

A data-collecting device that can tell the difference between eating, speaking, smoking and drinking.

Home july 23, 2013

Multi-Sensor Security System Alerts Homeowners Via Text

Canary is controlled entirely from mobile devices, allowing homeowners to receive alerts and respond in real-time.

Mobile july 19, 2013

Mini Phone Sensor Monitors The Environment For Harmful Toxins

Lapka Pro is an app that accompanies a personal environment device to measure your surroundings for elements like radioactivity and humidity.

Innovation july 14, 2013

Digital Overlay: Why Remote Controls Are Becoming Obsolete [Future Of Entertainment]

In the first week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we look at the rise of anywhere interfaces.

Arts & Culture june 21, 2013

Vacuum Cleaner Plays Music As It Picks Up Dust [Video]

The Electrolux Ergothree music project features the 'Play!' model which can detect dirt and plays music as it rhythmically sucks it up.

Design & Architecture june 20, 2013

Reebok Hat Alerts Coaches To Dangerous Head Injuries

Created by Reebok and MC10, the CheckLight is a washable beanie for athletes with sensors to detect when an impact occurs.


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