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[News] Google pushes mobile search by splitting desktop and phone search index
[News] Google to decrease website rank if cumbersome interstitials are used
Work january 21, 2016

Writing Platform Champions Diversity and Bemoans Gatekeepers

Crowd-sourced content, professional editing, and revenue shares collide in novel publishing model

Technology february 27, 2012

Pinterest Drives Traffic For Women’s Magazines [Headlines]

Bookmarking site has become a significant source of referral traffic for women’s lifestyle, home decor and cooking magazines/

Technology july 11, 2011

Robert Scoble: My Apology To The SEO Industry [Headlines]

"I thought more human-oriented approaches, like Mahalo, would get better results than algorithmic approaches, like Google. Why?... I didn’t listen to my own user behavior... I was trying to kiss someone’s behind and let that bias my conclusions."

Technology june 27, 2011

The Verbalizer: An Open Source Board for Google’s Voice Search

A new voice search addition makes Google Voice search that much more fun.

Advertising june 21, 2011

13 Ways To Improve Your International SEM Strategy [Headlines]

Mashable spoke with 10 search experts about how marketers can improve their international search engine marketing (SEM) strategies.

Cities may 19, 2011

Digital Flaneurs Create Wonderland In Berlin

The post-user Internet is explored by creating web 2.0 bots to reenact Lewis Carroll's classic at the intersection of real life and the social web.

Technology april 4, 2011

SEO-ing Your Social Capital

Reputation management has been the preserve of big brands and companies for some time now but there is a growing trend in "online reputation management" services for the personal consumer.

Arts & Culture march 30, 2011

How Google’s Search Algorithms Will Discipline Your Diet

Google's recent introduction of recipe search provides a fascinating case study in how search engines are dictating tastes and trends rather than simply cataloguing them.

Innovation march 21, 2011

Alex Bogusky: Designing A Search Engine For Reality

Critics of search engines have for many years suggested that the popularity algorithms that bring results to the forefront of a search could eventually lead to a world where popularity replaces truth and reality.

Luxury december 22, 2010 Interactive Platform Promotes And Distributes A Single Song

Viinyl is a platform, allowing musicians to create an interactive website that promotes a single track - with video, music player, sharing, free downloads and email capture.

Arts & Culture september 30, 2010

Inverse Google Takes Users To The End Of The Internet

A search engine filter presents unlikely results.

Design & Architecture august 30, 2010

How Mainstream Media SEO Practices Misinform

Popularity wins out over truth in the curious dance of modern online journalism.


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