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Health april 8, 2016

Can This App Makes Conversations About Sex Ed Easier For Teens?

Providing an outlet that lets teens ask the questions they are afraid to bring up with adults

Retail march 31, 2016

Pop-Up Sex Shop is Dedicated to Women’s Health

This NYC shop put pleasure and health in the same space

Mobile january 8, 2016

Devices Designed to Empower and Elate Women’s Sexual Health [CES 2016]

OhMiBod on sexual health, focusing on the science of self-love #CES2016

Advertising december 20, 2013

Kitschy Condoms Help Parents Break The Ice [Pics]

Momdoms come in mint tins with a 1950's mother and phrase on the label.

Work february 13, 2013

Trojan ‘Safe Ride’ Cabs Give Riders Free Condoms

The prophylactic company is promoting safe sex this Valentine's Day with NYC cabs that quiz passengers on sexual health for prizes.

Syndicated september 10, 2012

Naomi Wolf Tells The Life Story Of Female Genitalia

One Guardian reviewer asks whether Wolf's new biography "Vagina" reveals a true female existential crisis or merely shares biased, personal information.

Innovation november 22, 2010

DIY STI Diagnostics From the Privacy of Your iPhone

Researchers in London develop a DIY STI test that you can use through your iPhone.

Mobile june 3, 2010

Future Of Health: Text In The City

Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center is connecting with over 10,000 of its youth clients through a new mobile outreach program.


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