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Travel november 4, 2016

Bell-Shaped Shelter Provides Respite In The Mountains Of Slovenia

The structure is a replica of an alpine shelter built in 1936 Triglav National Park for visitors to observe

Design & Architecture october 20, 2016

Easy-To-Build Shelter Offers A Quick Way To Put A Roof Above Your Head

The structure designed by studio Duffy London has applications in disaster relief or first-aid

Entertainment october 17, 2016

Inflatable Nightclub Lets You Bring The Party Anywhere

A Swiss agency used airtight PVC to create a portable bar and dance floor

Home november 3, 2014

Homeless Housing Solution Arrives in Form of Shipping Containers

Repurposed shipping containers provide needed shelter for UK city's homeless population

Arts & Culture september 24, 2014

Urban Stray Kitties Receive Designer Digs

With the collaboration of NYC and LA animal welfare groups, high-profile architectural firms are putting world-class roofs over feline heads

Cities march 6, 2014

Inflatable Shelters Capture Building Heat To Keep The Homeless Warm [Pics]

The paraSITE collects excess HVAC air to provide a heated shelter from dangerous cold weather.

Home may 7, 2013

Sleek Emergency Shelters Fit Inside Shipping Containers

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects have created a series of temporary homes that are low cost and high quality.

IoT april 24, 2013

Program Partners Joggers With Shelter Dogs

The Running Buddies Enrichment Program connects gives runners an adorable tag-a-long partner.

Design & Architecture march 19, 2013

Backpackers Tents Hang From Trees Like Hammocks

'Tentsile' is a shelter in an elevated position that connects to surrounding trees at three points.

Technology november 19, 2010

Gap Ad Features Foursquare Founders Dennis & Naveen

Social entrepreneurs have become the contemporary change agents, now deserving screen time as the icons of our time

Design & Architecture october 21, 2010

Instant Housing: The Concrete Canvas Shelter

A UK-based company develops a durable shelter that requires only water and air for construction.

Sustainability september 28, 2010

Design Solutions For Refugee Camps

Justin Kim conceives a modular, open source inspired, approach to the problems facing displaced people.

Technology december 23, 2009

Raging Against The Music Machine Using Twitter and Facebook

A humorous Internet campaign helped push an unlikely song to the top of the Christmas charts in the UK.

Arts & Culture october 2, 2009

SonUmbra: Light Sculpture and Social Hub

SonUmbra is a solar-powered tree-like sculpture that soaks in power during the day, and comes alive as a kinetic display of light at night.


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