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Technology november 14, 2014

PSFK Labs Presents: Key Takeaways From Our Retail Manifesto

PSFK Labs takes a the key strategies taken from our recently launched retail report for how retailers can bring the best of online, in-store.

IoT october 14, 2012

Shopper Receives Remote Fitting To Help Buy The Perfect Dress [FUTURE OF RETAIL]

PSFK explores how fashion retailers can drive sales by providing customized service in this illustrated scenario from the 2012 Future of Retail report.

Luxury july 21, 2012

How Is The Empowered Shopper Changing The Retail Landscape? [Future Of Retail]

Founder Piers Fawkes introduces PSFK's third annual survey of retail trends exploring how the modern consumer's new set of behaviors and expectations impact retailers and brands.

Technology july 14, 2012

Trend: Auto-Curated Shopping [The Future Of Retail]

PSFK's latest Future Of Retail report describes how how shoppers are being empowered to "Let Me Shop What I Like.”

Advertising july 14, 2012

PSFK Launches 2012 ‘Future Of Retail’ Trends Report

We launch our third annual survey of retail trends exploring the key factors driving change in shopper behaviors and expectations.

IoT august 12, 2011

Virtual Fitting Room Uses Augmented Reality For Trying On Outfits

Fashion retailer Topshop has created a virtual fitting area for the new “dress up” collection debuting in its Moscow, Russia store.

Travel august 12, 2011

Mirror Lets Kids Try On Virtual Outfits

Tomorrowland, a section of Disneyland in California, features an augmented reality mirror that acts as an entertaining and novel way to shop for children’s clothes.

Technology august 12, 2011

Future Of Retail: Instant Try It On

Retailers are beginning to offer electronic mirrors and displays that superimpose products such as clothing and jewelry onto the bodies of shoppers.

Innovation august 4, 2011

Discover The Future Of Retail At PSFK SALON LONDON

On Thursday 8th September 2011, PSFK's Consulting Team will paint a picture of the emerging retail landscape in which new innovation is taking place.

Mobile august 1, 2011

3 Key Themes In PSFK’s Future Of Retail Report

Our consulting team's research yielded 10 key retail trends that sit within 3 broad themes - Online Expectations Offline Experience, Shopper Know-How and Redefined Retail Cartography.


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