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Work september 11, 2013

Is 3D-Printing Rendering The Art Of Model Building Obsolete? [Video]

Directed by Dylan Reibling, MODEL is a short film about the future of architectural miniatures in the face of new technologies.

Innovation may 10, 2013

How One Iconic NYC Record Label Produced So Many Stars [Video]

Red Bull and m ss ng p eces created a 13-minute short film that provides a glimpse into the history of DFC records.

Innovation may 3, 2013

IBM Makes Minuscule Film Starring Atoms [Video]

The short film, 'A Boy and His Atom', was made using thousands of these precisely placed tiny molecules.

Advertising april 24, 2013

Skincare Brand Imagines The Future Of Spa Treatments [Video]

Aēsop commissioned Lucy McCrae to create a short film which artfully suggests that super-sensory procedures will be the way to pamper.

Grad Student Short Film Painst Disturbing Vision of Augmented Reality Future
Technology february 22, 2013

Filmmaker Creates Short Film Written By A Robot [Video]

Cleverbot co-writes a movie titled, "Do you Love Me."

Design & Architecture february 6, 2013

Mockumentary Features Physics-Defying Amusement Park Rides [Video]

The award-winning ‘The Centrifuge Brain Project’ by Till Nowak uses amazing special effects to show off the impossible rides.

Luxury february 1, 2013

Short Film Retraces The History Of Louis Vuitton’s Famous Trunk [Video]

‘Retracing the Trunk’ by Les Courtisans details is a visual exploration of on of the brand's iconic designs.

Work february 1, 2013

Disney’s Oscar-Nominated Short Is A Hybrid Of Hand-Drawn & Computer-Generated Imagery [Video]

The 6 and a half minute animation 'Paperman', which was created using new software called Meander, has been released online.

Arts & Culture january 29, 2013

Origami Comic Book Film Depicts A Modern Western [Video]

Edson Oda's ‘Malaria’ combines lots of different artistic touches to create a visually stunning 5 minute film.

Innovation december 7, 2012

Using The Human Body To Create Edible Sushi [Video]

Lucy McRae's short film 'Make Your Maker' explores the idea that food and the body are inseparable.

Retail september 26, 2012

Shop The Latest Trends At Target From A TV Show

The short film in three episodes, 'Falling For You,' will highlight fall fashion, beauty, and home products from the retailer and will allow viewers to share and buy directly without interrupting play.

Technology september 10, 2012

Ridley Scott’s Son Shoots A Short Film Homage To Dad’s Career [Video]

Luke Scott directs that short, 'Loom', shot in collaboration with RED cameras, which plays on the classic dystopian sci-fi movie his father was famous for.

Design & Architecture september 10, 2012

Are Mannequins Responsible For Women’s Negative Body Image? [Video]

A new short film features mannequin creator Ralph Pucci, as he talks about body image and changing societal visions of beauty in his Manhattan factory.


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