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Syndicated november 1, 2016

A Look At The Next Generation Of Doorbells

From facial-recognition to dog power, new technologies are being leveraged to guard the home

Syndicated august 15, 2016

Do Food Scares Really Change The Way We Eat?

Months after the WHO warned that it caused cancer, bacon is enjoying a sales streak. But it’s not the first time we have overcome our fears about foodstuffs

Innovation july 27, 2016

How Much Is The Selfie Economy Worth?

It’s claimed that our passion for narcissistic pictures is fueling the growth of everything from lipstick to old-fashioned photobooths. Here’s a sector-by-sector breakdown

Home march 22, 2016

Who’s Behind Berlin’s Secret Subway Bedrooms?

Illegal domestic tableaux have been popping up in the German capital’s subway network

Gaming & Play february 9, 2016

A Trip to the Malware Museum

Computer viruses as animations and art — without destroying your PC

Advertising june 8, 2015

How the 99% Movement is Taking On Fine Dining

The collective Occupy 50 Best has launched a campaign challenging the methods and transparency of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list

Travel march 7, 2014

Why Graffiti Artists Leaving Their Mark On History Are Facing Modern Consequences

Graffiti on some of the world's most amazing historical landmarks is expressly forbidden, except on The Great Wall Of China.

Work january 8, 2014

Who Will Colonize The Moon?

An intrepid group of creatives draws our attention to the possible take over of the moon by private companies.

Partner Content august 19, 2013

How Scientists Accidentally Created The World's Most Absorbent Material

Swedish lab accidentally created Upsalite, a new material that promises to find applications in everything from humidity control at home to chemical manufacturing in industry.

Retail june 26, 2013

Pub Shows How Bitcoin Will Work For Retail

East London bar is the first in Britain to accept digital currency for drinks.

Technology april 29, 2013

The Compilation Album Returns In An Era Of Too Much Choice

Mainstream consumers are starting to lean again on trusted handrails to guide them through the music of today and yesterday.

Mobile april 17, 2013

How Geolocation Is Saving The Developing World

In countries like Nigeria, the software can do more than just help its user locate nearby restaurants.

Work march 21, 2013

Cannabis Scratch And Sniff Cards Could Help Detect Local Grow Ops

Crimestoppers has unveiled the next stage of the war on drugs.

Design & Architecture february 27, 2013

Owners Of Frank Lloyd Wright House Will Only Sell If It Is Transplanted

Lawrence and Sharon Tarantino who own one of the great architect's houses want to transplant it away from the risk of disasters like Hurricane Sandy.


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