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Sustainability july 15, 2016

Simple Device Helps You Save Wasted Shower Water

This compact and durable storage device can help you save clean water from being wasted

Mobile december 11, 2014

Device Motivates You to Save Water in the Shower

Eva shower attachment gamifies water consumption

Design & Architecture july 1, 2013

Shower Head Reading Lamp Combines Two Relaxing Activites

The Axor WaterDream project created by Japanese design company Nendo combines lighting and water.

Technology december 17, 2012

Shower Heads Save Water By Filling Drops With Hot Air

‘Air-In’ Shower technology uses 35% less water but retains a traditional pressure.

Luxury august 24, 2012

Touchscreen Shower Lets Users Surf The Web While Getting Clean [Pics]

Innovative concept brings smart technology and luxury into the home bathroom.

Technology august 3, 2012

Save Water With A Shower That Doubles As A Washing Machine [Pics]

Gray water used to get clean could also be used to clean your clothes.

Technology october 17, 2011

Smart Shower Recycles Water To Save Energy And Money

Reveeco's EcoVea analyzes what you've used and if its clean, treats it and sends it back to the shower head.


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