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Design & Architecture august 13, 2014

Artist Ryan McGinness Creates Fabricated Street Signs

The project includes fifty signs with trippy designs and whimsical descriptions

Work may 30, 2014

Tiny Train Updates Powerless Analog Display Signs

BERG's Pixel Track is a cloud-connected display system that doesn't need any power to maintain its message.

Sustainability october 17, 2013

Holy Signs Shield Cathedral Lawn From Dog Droppings [Pics]

Pentagram's design suggest a new commandment for church visitors: clean up after your pet.

Retail january 9, 2013

McDonald's Changes Its Name In Australia

The global fast food chain will temporarily change its signage to Macca's -- which is what the brand is commonly called in the land down under.

Travel december 9, 2011

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Review the best in design, trends, culture, arts and fashion in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

Home december 5, 2011

Vending Machine At Airport Prints Custom Banners

Visitors to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport can create custom "welcome home" messages.

Work october 11, 2011

Artists Visit Occupy Boston To Help Them Make Signs

Steve Lambert and Josh Luke of Best Dressed Signs helped Occupy Boston improve their image with some visually pleasing and humorous signs.

Travel august 22, 2011

Virtual Boarding Agents Say 'Bonjour' To Passengers

The Paris-Orly airport in France tests out virtual agents who greet passengers and make sure they're boarding the right flight.

Cities july 8, 2011

NYC To Create A Wayfinding System To Prevent New Yorkers Getting Lost

The Department of Transportation announces a request for proposals for the new pedestrian information system.

Arts & Culture march 4, 2010

(Pics) New Type York: Exploring Urban Typography

James Patrick Gibson's New Type York project is an archeological dig through New York, where he collects typographical artifacts found throughout the city.

Design & Architecture february 12, 2010

(Pic) Take Turns: The Half Stop, Half Yield Sign

In an effort to encourage more rational and logical behavior at traffic intersections, inventor Gary Lauder has designed a new kind of street sign.

Arts & Culture january 12, 2010

(Pics) You Are Not Cool

We noticed these two provocative street (art) signs along Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this past weekend.

Sustainability august 11, 2009
Arts & Culture february 12, 2009

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