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Mobile july 19, 2013

New Electronics Dissolve When No Longer Needed [Video]

Instead of adding to landfill waste, devices could be dipped in water to make them disappear.

Innovation may 28, 2013

Remote-Controlled Device Heals Wounds And Dissolves When Finished

Mending cuts, growing bones and delivering drugs are just some uses of this cutting-edge technology.

Technology february 29, 2012

Edible Sticker Lets You Know When Fruit Is Ripe Enough To Eat

A thin layer of silk and gold can detect small chemical changes in food and when scanned with your phone, will let you know if you should consume or toss.

Luxury july 26, 2011

No More Silk Suits For Jailed Mobsters [Headlines]

Italy's Ucciardone prison had a reputation for being more of a five-star hotel than a lockup for criminals, but a new policy calls for a shutdown of their extravagant prison lifestyles, starting with designer label suits.

Design & Architecture march 24, 2011

Neon Fever Spreads To Silkworms

Changing a silkworms diet can produce radical fabrics which extend the scope of what the natural world can produce.

Work august 16, 2010

Scientists Create Invisibility Cloak From Silk And Gold

Researchers have developed a material that could be useful in biomedical and defense applications.


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