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Travel november 11, 2016

Airbnb Recreates A Finnish Cabin In The Heart Of Paris

The 100-day installation gives visitors an immersive experience of Finnish hospitality

Home november 7, 2013

A Literal Tree House Immerses The Owner In Nature [Pics]

Glass tree house marks the meeting point of nature and modern design.

Technology may 30, 2013

Minimal Smartphone Design Is Anti Multi-Tasking

Created to boost productivity and focus, CEL is a simple smartphone concept focused on performing one operation at a time.

IoT september 24, 2012

Chain-Free Bicycle Simplifies Riding [Video]

The Bicymple is a bike without a chain that is connected by a straight frame, and can be steered from the rear or the front, perfect for riders making tight turns and twists.

Technology july 29, 2011

Eva Rielland's Objects Of Another Age [Pics]

French designer transforms current technology into simplified objects.

Work july 8, 2011

Leo Babauta Wants You To Think Simple

The simplicity author and blogger discusses applying minimalism to thinking so we can focus on essential ideas.

Sustainability may 14, 2011

Picks For NYC Design Week: Josh Rubin of

The founder and editor in chief of Cool Hunting talks about what's inspiring him, and a backlash against minimalism.

Design & Architecture may 13, 2011

In Defense Of Hard: Over-Simplification In Society And Growing Through Challenge

Design technologist P.J. Onori examines the simple and the complex, and explains that if you expect more of your audience, you will end up with both a better audience and a better product.

Design & Architecture march 16, 2011

Simple Hack Provides Hygiene-Friendly Solution

A brilliant design offers a guaranteed germ-free exit from the restroom.

Innovation march 15, 2011

frog design: Staying Ahead Of Innovation Challenges

Change is the new normal: no industry is standing still these days, and this means that the innovation challenges we face are also constantly changing.

Home february 28, 2011

Small Is Beautiful (And Sustainable) [Pics]

Eco conscientious ethos and a minimalistic approach aim to address housing market issues.

Arts & Culture august 4, 2010

Blogging Away Unwanted Things

Obsessed with the idea of living without excess belongings, Sydney-based musician Christopher Kelaart has set up a blog to give away all the things he owns but no longer needs.

Arts & Culture may 12, 2010

Tableware Made From Sugar Cane Fiber, Bamboo And Reed Pulp

A tableware collection made from sustainable materials is inspired by Japanese design.


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